Potassium Citrate (PSC)

Potassium Citrate occurs as transparent crystals or as a white granular powder hygroscopic.

Function: buffer; sequestrate, stabilizer.

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Chemical Formula



1000 kg

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Laem Chabang ,Thailand



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3 Years

Product Details:

Product identification

Product codes: PSC

Chemical name: tripotassium 2-hydroxypropane-1, 2, 3-tricarboxylate monohydrate

CAS No.:   6100-05-6

E no: E332

Formula:   C6H5K3O7.H2O

Molecular mass:   324.41 g/mol.



Standard: Meet USP, FCC, Ph, Eur

Appearance: white or almost white granular powder or transparent crystals.

Identification: Corresponds

Water: 3.0 – 6.0 %

Extraneous matter: Passes test

Heavy metals: max. 10 ppm

Lead: max. 1.0 ppm

Sodium: Max. 3,000 ppm

Chlorides: max 50 ppm

Sulphates: max. 150 ppm

Oxalates: max. 300 ppm

Iron:   max 5.0 ppm

Mercury:   max 1.0 ppm

Arsenic:   max 0.1 ppm

Cadmium:   max 1.0 ppm

Tartrates: Passes test

pH: 7.5-9.0

Acidity or alkalinity: Passes test

Readily Carbonizable Substances: Passes test

Assay: 99.0-100.5% (on anhydrous substance)



Xitrical Group offers a variety of packaging options including: 25 kg. 50 lbs. 1 MT



Potassium Citrate is very soluble in water practically insoluble in ethanol.


Stability and storage

Potassium Citrate is very slightly soluble in water, but it is insoluble in alcohol.



For solid and liquid food preparation. This product is not intended for use in the manufacture of sterile drug products.    The purchaser assumes all responsibility for additional processing, testing, labeling and registration for such use.


Compendia compliance

Potassium Citrate meet all requirements of USP, FCC, Ph, Eur when tested according to these compendia.



This product is safe for the intended use. Avoid inhalation of dust, contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin by applying suitable protective measures and personal hygiene. For full safety information and necessary precaution, please refer to the respective Material Safety Data Sheet.


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The information give in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience, and may be uses at your discretion and risk. It does not relieve you from carrying out your own precautions and test. We do not assume any liability in connection with your product or its use. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and observe all third-party rights.

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